Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 Wrap Up

I have to admit, I'm over the moon about 2012 & my personal success fitness wise. When 2012 began, I had my first half marathon on the books, but really had no belief that I could run it all. My hope was 8 miles straight and to walk the rest. Well damn if I didn't run the entire 13.1.

That insanity snowballed into further insanity, which culminated into me running my first full marathon in Oct.

I still shake my head knowing that I began the year with a pipe dream goal of running 750 miles in 2012 and hoping I could run a half marathon at some point before the year finished. In actuality, I'm over 1,300 miles at this point, have run 4 half marathons (one I showed up the morning of and signed up ), and a full marathon.

I'm amazed at 2012 and look sooooo forward to what 2013 brings. I'm 20 days away from the TinkerBell half, 37 days away from my next full marathon (Surf City), and have several other races on the books for the year including a Ragnar in April.

Merry Christmas!

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