Sunday, July 7, 2013

Running with a group...

I love races. I love the energy, the excitement, the feeling that each and every person is out there because they love to run... just like me!

Until RAGNAR, I never truly was able to understand the group dynamics of running. There's just something about running with a group.

Encouraging each other.

Pumping each other up.

Understanding the love for running.

This weekend, I've been able to do 3 beautiful outdoor runs with part of my RAGNAR family & I just feel like I'm flying high. 7 AM on a Saturday?? We've got this...

There's this hill... the dreaded Trilogy Hill that has been my nemesis for way too long.  Yesterday, the group of 6 of us set out, headed to that hill. As I stared it down, I knew that I. was. not. stopping. I was going to make it to the top.  Knowing my group was there with me watching helped me to power through. 

We were headed that direction, smiles on our faces, ready to do our best, each of us pulling for the other.
With gorgeous mountains ahead, a beautiful golf course on the side, I couldn't help but smile. We looked like a team. We looked like a group of runners. Cars moved over, we ran the streets... like they were ours. There is something so powerful about that. I've seen groups of runners near the beach together and always felt envious of them... this weekend I got to feel the love .

And with that love, I OWNED that Trilogy hill... TWICE.

Not only did I do it, but now I KNOW I can do it again, and with that confidence I have my sighs set on a bigger, nastier, wicked hill.  With Nike Women's coming up in Oct., I know hills are a must.  This was just the confidence builder I needed.

Coming down the hill we still had those smiles and that running love.

Family isn't always about blood. It's about a love.  For us, it's a love for running. So many don't understand, but I'm ok with that.  WE do... and in the end, that's all that matters. :)

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